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Douglas C. Heimburger, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.P.
Volunteer Professor, Department of Nutrition Sciences; Professor, Department of Medicine
1675 University Blvd.

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(205) 934-7922

Miscellaneous Information

Dr. Heimburger received his M.D. from Vanderbilt University, after which he completed a residency in internal medicine at St. Louis University and a fellowship and master’s degree in clinical nutrition at UAB. He is board-certified in internal medicine and clinical nutrition.
Dr. Heimburger received the UAB President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (1995), an American College of Physicians commendation as the Best Internal Medicine Board Review Course faculty in Nutrition (1996), and the American Society for Clinical Nutrition’s Dannon Institute Award for Excellence in Medical/Dental Nutrition Education (1999). He directs the Intersociety Professional Nutrition Education Consortium and was founding president of the American Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists.
Dr. Heimburger's principal research and publication interests are in nutritional factors associated with cancer prevention, treatment of obesity, nutritional support of cancer patients, and medical nutrition education.

Representative Publications
Heimburger, D. C., Alexander CB, Birch R, Butterworth CE, Bailey WC, Krumdieck CL. Improvement in bronchial squamous metaplasia in smokers treated with folate and vitamin B12. Report of a preliminary randomized double-blind intervention trial. JAMA 1988;259:1525-30. Also published in JAMA, Edition Francaise 1988:13:595-604.
Heimburger, D. C., Sockwell DG, Geels WJ. Diarrhea with enteral feeding: Prospective reappraisal of putative causes. Nutrition 1994;10:392-6.
Heimburger, D. C., Geels WJ, Bilbrey J, Redden DT, Keeney C. Effects of small-peptide and whole-protein enteral feedings on serum proteins and diarrhea in critically ill patients: A randomized trial. J Parent Ent Nutr 1997;21:162-7.
Intersociety Professional Nutrition Education Consortium. Bringing physician nutrition specialists into the mainstream: Rationale for the Intersociety Professional Nutrition Education Consortium. Am J Clin Nutr 1998;68:894-8 (Heimburger DC, principal author).
Davidson, M. H., Hauptman, J., DiGirolamo, M., Foreyt, J. P., Halsted, C. H., Heber, D., Heimburger, D. C., Lucas, C. P., Robbins, D. C., Chung, J., Heymsfield, S. Long-term weight control and risk factor reduction in obese subjects treated with orlistat, a lipase inhibitor. JAMA 1999;281:235-242.
Heimburger, D. C. Intersociety Professional Nutrition Education Consortium. Physician nutrition specialist track: if we build it, will they come? Am J Clin Nutr 2000;71:1048-53.
Hubbert, K. A., Bussey, B. F., Allison, D. B., Beasley, T. M., Henson, C. S., Heimburger, D. C. Effects of outcome-driven insurance reimbursement on short-term weight control. Int J Obesity 2003;27:1423-9.
Piyathilake CJ., Henao OL, Cornwell PE, Meleth S, Heimburger DC. Folate is associated with the natural history of high-risk human papillomaviruses. Cancer Res 2004;64:8788-93.
Heimburger DC, ABPNS Board of Directors. Training and Certifying Physician-Nutrition Specialists: the American Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists (ABPNS). Am J Clin Nutr 2006;83(suppl): 985s-7s.
Piyathilake CJ, Macaluso M, Brill I, Heimburger DC, Partridge EE. Lower red blood cell folate enhances the HPV 16-associated risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Nutrition 2007; 23:203-10.

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