Primary Faculty


Barbara A. Gower, Ph.D.
Professor; Associate Scientist, Nutrition Obesity Research Center; Vice Chair for Research
1675 University Blvd.
Webb 624C
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Miscellaneous Information

Barbara Gower is Professor and Vice-Chair for Research in the Department of Nutrition Sciences, and serves as Director of the Metabolism Core for the Nutrition Obesity Research Center and the Center for Clinical and Translational Science, and the Human Physiology Core for the Diabetes Research Center. Her research focus is on the interplay between diet, endocrinology, and metabolism and their relation to chronic metabolic disease, with expertise in evaluation of body composition, body fat distribution, insulin sensitivity and beta-cell function. Her two major research areas are nutrition interventions for obesity and metabolic health, and risk for type 2 diabetes in African-Americans. She recently completed two NIH-funded studies concerning the role of diet macronutrient composition on reproductive and metabolic outcomes. The results from these studies were recently translated into clinical care, and have become part of UAB’s EatRight Weight Management Program. She currently is conducting two NIH-funded research studies to 1) probe how race-adiposity interactions and oxidative stress influence hepatic and peripheral insulin sensitivity, and 2) examine the role of exercise intensity in determining insulin sensitivity.

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