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Katherine Sweatt
Graduate Student Trainee
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(205) 975-9629
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Miscellaneous Information

Katherine came to Birmingham from Dallas, Texas. She received a Bachelor of Science in Pre-medical Sports Medicine from Samford University in 2008. Her undergraduate research focused on muscle atrophy associated with spinal cord injury, where she analyzed data from Dr. Scott Bickle's lab at UAB. Katherine then went on to receive a Masters of Art in Education in Exercise Physiology at UAB. Her master's thesis evaluated the accuracy of perceived exertion during a submaximal walking test in African American and European American women who underwent an exercise and weight loss intervention. After completing her master's at UAB, Katherine began coordinating two clinical research studies in the Nutrition Sciences Department at UAB which incorporate diet and exercise intervention. She will continue her study in the Nutrition Sciences PhD. program at UAB. Her research interest involves ethnic disparities in the etiology of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease; and exercise physiology.