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Academic Policy & Procedures and Distance Learning

Academic Policy and Procedures

The School of Health Professions sets the following policy and procedures for the Department of Nutrition Sciences.

Distance Learning with the Department of Nutrition Sciences

The DNS provides students to take courses through several methods: face-to-face, hybrid and online. Web-based platforms for the delivery hybrid and onlne classes deliver an equivolent high level of education found in face-to-face classes. Every class offered utlizes learning objectives, core competencies, creative content and engagement.

Students who participate in Distance Learning must have access to Web-based platforms including login and authentication through Blazer Net and Blackboard Learn. Blazer Net is UAB's authentication portal for all Web-based Servicers by using a Blazer ID. The Blazer ID provides access to all Web-based services within UAB including e-mail, enrolling for courses and the online courses within Blackboard Learn. Students are encouraged to not share their Blazer ID including their Blazer ID Picture Badge with anyone. Students enrolled in online courses will have a separate class e-mail in Blackboard.

Delivery Methods

Type of Course Description
Web-enhanced/Face-to-face Course which may use Web-based technology to enhance a face-to-face course. Uses a course management system (CMS) or Webpages to post the syllabus and assignments. (All meetings are face-to-face.)
Hybrid/Blended Course that blends online and face-to-face delivery. A certain percentage of course instruction is delivered via electronic means and a certain percentage of instruction is conducted face-to-face. (Some hours are spent in the classroom with the rest being completed online.)
Online A course where all of the content is delivered online using the college-approved course management System. (All class meetings and coursework occur online**)

Technology Requirements
Blackboard Learn is our Learning Management Systems (LMS). Online courses will be offered via Blackboard Learn systems. Students are responsible for providing their own hardware, software, and Internet service providers or for accessing the Internet using technology available in any UAB open computer lab. The following technical skills are necessary for being successful in an online class:

  • Use a keyboard and mouse
  • Save, open, and edit various file types
  • Open, send, and reply to email
  • Attach/Upload and download files
  • Click on and open hyperlinks
  • Navigate the Internet
  • Navigate the Blackboard Learn course environment
  • Download and use software and/or plug-ins as specified by your instructor
Student support for Blackboard Learn is available at http://www.uab.edu/bblearn/student-support. Before you start an online class, please preview the student support website provided for additional helpful information.

The UAB AskIT helpdesk is available to assist students with Blazer Net, Blazer ID and Blackboard Learn issue. Some services are available 24 hours while others are staffed times. Please check the AskIT website for hours of availability. You can reach AskIT in the following means:

Students with disabilities whether permanent or temporary are encouraged to enroll in online classes as well and are provided with courses that are designed to meet accessbility standards. The Disability Support Services department offers a variety of student resources to help with testing, registration, test proctoring, screen reader applications and also note taking. Students with special needs that require special accommodations should contact DSS in order to receive those accommodations prior to enrolling, https://www.uab.edu/students/services/disability-support-services.


Proctoring Services

Option #1
Proctoring is provided by ProctorU at your convenience. If you are not able to use ProctorU, it is your responsibility to make time to take the exams on campust at the LRC or Lister Hill, your instructor will designate the time/location. During the exams, we will also use the Lockdown Browser. The LRC/Lister Hill Library is already equipped with the Lockdown Browser application. If you are using ProctorU from your own PC, you must download the Lockdown Browser prior to testing time.

  • ProctorU is a service that is associated with UAB to provide an alternative to travel to a testing facility. You can take your exam in the comfort of your home, library or anywhere you have a laptop/PC, webcam, quiet space with no other persons present and Wi-Fi/ Internet connection available. You mmust also have your UAB Blazer ID and a state authorized picture ID for identity authentication. You can schedule to take your exam when you want between the designated days available from your instructor. You will be notified of the dates of ProctorU Exam availability. The best place to take this exam is at home. Signing up for an account is free. There is a fee for taking the exam and you will be notified of the cost at time of scheduling. The price range is from $17.95 - 25.00 for each exam. You can view additional information from ProctorU by going to:

Option #2

  • LRC/Lister Hill Library - If the instructor provides the option to take the exam with in-person proctoring on campus, it will be in the LRC or Lister Hill Library. This is free and usually proctored by your instructor or library staff. the instrutor will let you know available times to test for your exams.
  • Off-Campus - If the instructor provides the option to take the exam with in-person proctoring off campus, the instructor will let you know available location, time and proctor for your exams.


Library Services
The UAB Libraries provide a variety of learning-centered resources, services, and facilities to support a diverse community; to encourage academic achievement, student success, and lifelong learning; and to enhance teaching excellence. Campus librarians work with faculty who are teaching online courses to ensure appropriate resources and services are available to distance learners.

The following outlines a few of the services available to alternative delivery students. A complete list of Library Services can be found at http://www.uab.edu/libraries/

  • Remotely accessible Web-based resources for student research including articles, eBooks and streaming video
  • Research guides and tutorials specific to UAB collections
  • Reference instruction via email and chat
  • Librarian selected websites that support the college curriculum