Sarah Tucker, MS

Fort Collins, Colorado


  • BS, Family Consumer Sciences, George Fox University, 2013
  • MS, Nutrition Sciences, Texas Woman’s University, 2017


Sarah’s current research aims to evaluate the utility of urinary F2-isoprostanes as a biomarker of fatty acid oxidation and its manipulation to improve disease outcomes. She also aims to evaluate the extent that the metabolic phenotype defined by lower mitochondrial function and decreased fat oxidation documented in African American populations is reflective of ancestral DNA.

Why did you choose UAB?

In simple terms, I chose to come to UAB for one reason, I love learning and I love research. I knew the opportunities here are unmatched and that I’d be in great shape for my future goals. In the meantime, I have really enjoyed exploring Birmingham. My absolute favorite activity is eating, so I am lucky to be surrounded by the emerging local food culture. When I’m not on campus, you are most likely to find me out enjoying happy hour at a new restaurant!