Kelsey Rushing, MS, RDN

Opelika, Alabama


  • BS, Nutrition and Dietetics, Italian Studies Minor, Auburn University, 2016
  • MS, Nutrition Sciences, UAB, 2017


Kelsey's research interests revolve around ketone supplementation. She hypothesizes that ketone supplementation can be used to influence dietary absorption in such a way that will benefit cardiovascular disease and obesity. She also believes that ketone supplementation can be used to improve return to play, return to learn, and overall healing post-concussion.

Why did you choose UAB?

I chose UAB because of my prior experience and interest in performance nutrition. I was offered a unique position in which I could pursue a PhD in nutrition with a specialization in athletics, something that is difficult to come by at other institutions. With my education from UAB I hope to eventually be able to lead and perform my own sports-related research and educate other aspiring sports dietitians.

Any special interests, hobbies, or fun facts?

In my free time, I enjoy hunting, deep sea fishing, going to concerts and music festivals, and going hiking with my dog.

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