Charita Lewis

Charita LewisCharita Lewis is from Dothan, Alabama. She received her undergraduate degree from Samford University. Charita decided to further her education by attending UAB’s Dietetic Internship program. “This program has a history of success. Students enrolled in the UAB DI program will be well equipped to work professionally when they leave. This program has a high emphasis on critical thinking and application.” Charita shares great advice for students planning on entering the UAB DI program. “Come prepared to be stretched and to learn. It is an intense year of study and learning how to practice, but it is all worth it.”


Carly Chason

Carly ChasonCarly Chason grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia and is a graduate from the University of Georgia. Her advice for any incoming UAB dietetic interns is to “Keep an open mind, although you may already have an idea of the areas of nutrition that you like and dislike, be open to every rotation and be willing to put in the same amount of effort everywhere you go. Also, enjoy Birmingham; there are so many fun things to do in Birmingham, so take advantage.”


Danielle Bowden

Danielle BowdenDanielle Bowden is from a very small farm town in Sherrard, Illinois. She attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, receiving her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences with a focus in Dietetics. Danielle chose UAB because of its “educationally diverse program that provides the opportunity to complete both the clinical internship and the Master’s degree simultaneously at a teaching facility well-known for their dietetic program.”



Keith Pearson

KeithPearsonKeith Pearson grew up in West Virginia and completed an undergraduate degree in dietetics at Marshall University in 2012. Following graduation, he decided to move to Birmingham to complete his dietetic internship and graduate studies at UAB. “Coming to UAB for graduate school and the internship was one of the best decisions I have made up to this point in my life. Because of the training I received, I am confident in my skills as a dietitian and believe my time at UAB has set the foundation for a great career in the field of nutrition.”



Mary Claire Shurina

Mary Claire ShurinaMary Claire Shurina is originally from Alpharetta, GA. She graduated with her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia. Mary Claire chose UAB for its “stellar reputation particularly in the field of health professions” and she feels extremely honored to have the opportunity to pursue her passion at such an incredible university. Mary Claire’s first dietetic internship rotation was at the Mobile County Health Department alternating between WIC and the Adult Clinic. “It’s an amazing feeling being able to wake up each morning and share my passion of nutrition with clients. I am excited to explore the different fields of dietetics throughout my internship experience and further refine my skills to be the best RD I can be.”


May Pendergrass

May PendergrassMay Pendergrass is a recent graduate from UAB’s DI program (June 2015). May came to UAB after receiving her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, although her hometown is Huntsville. “UAB’s dietetic internship gives students the opportunity to rotate through a wide variety of experiences from clinical, wellness and food management that help the students to become well rounded. Experiencing such a wide variety of opportunities in the field of nutrition and dietetics also helped me to narrow down what I would be interested in doing as a dietitian. Through the internship, I really saw myself grow professionally and become more confident in my skills and abilities. The internship also helped me to make network with other dietitians in the Birmingham.”


Patrick McGavin

Patrick McGavinPatrick is from Spanish Fort, Alabama, receiving his undergraduate degree at Samford University. He is currently enrolled in the MS in Nutrition Sciences, Dietetic Internship/Clinical track. His favorite experience of the internship so far is "being able to experience so many different aspects of what a registered dietitian does. There are many rotations that are only a week or two and this gives me the ability to work with different dietitians in different settings and see how their styles of work differ. This also gives me the ability to connect and build relationships with them which might be one of the most important factors as an up and coming dietitian."