UAB's EatRight Weight Management Services include the EatRight Lifestyle Program, EatRight Weight Maintenance Program, EatRight OPTIFAST Program, UAB Risk Reduction Clinic, EatRight Worksite Wellness Programs, Post-Surgical Bariatric Medicine Clinic, and YMCA Advantage.


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EatRight Programs

  • EatRight Lifestyle Program

    A12-week lifestyle-oriented weight control program designed to beat the odds of the weight-loss battle, allowing participants to lose weight and keep it off by easing into new eating and activity habits.

  • EatRight Weight Maintenance The UAB EatRight Weight Maintenance program is designed for individuals who have lost weight and want to succeed in maintaining that weight loss.

  • EatRight OPTIFAST

    OPTIFAST is a complete meal replacement system that is designed for people who need to lose at least 50 pounds.

  • UAB Risk Reduction Clinic

    A program for individuals at high risk for cardiovascular disease, including those who are overweight, Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, higher than normal blood pressure, or elevated cholesterol.

  • EatRight Worksite Wellness Programs

    A worksite wellness programs for Birmingham-area employers. Classes are offered during the workday at the company's facility.

  • EatRight Fitness Options Exercise program options available for EatRight participants

  • UAB EatRight Post Surgical Bariatric Medicine Clinic

    UAB EatRight Post Surgical Bariatric Medicine Clinic is a clinic designed to provide a consultative evaluation for patients following bariatric surgery who have nutritional or GI concerns. Physician referral is required.

Watch Dr. Jamy Ard explain about the EatRight program on the UAB School of Professions program, "Shaping the Future of Healthcare."