rehab scienceOur PhD in Rehabilitation Science program at is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by us and the Department of Physical Therapy.

Rehabilitation Science is an exciting field that focuses on helping patients with disabilities live their lives to the fullest. Our students seek to advance rehabilitation knowledge by participating in specialized research and teaching opportunities and gain a holistic viewpoint through experiences at a world-class research institution.

You may choose to pursue academia, government and policy sectors, or continue to practice in the industry upon graduation. The aim of this program is to prepare candidates to become leaders in teaching and research within the field of rehabilitation science and is not a clinical training program.

Visit the full PhD in Rehabilitation Science program website.

Prerequisites for Admission and Program Curriculum

A complete list of prerequisites and courses are available in the UAB Graduate Catalog.

Admissions Requirements

Each application will be reviewed by the Admission Committee to identify individuals with strong commitment and aptitude to perform research related to rehabilitation science, along with strong academic preparation and professional-leadership potential.

  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in occupational or physical therapy, engineering, exercise science, neuroscience, medicine, nursing, or other health related professions
  • Recommended minimum GRE score in 50th percentile for all categories
  • Recommended minimum GPA 3.0 in all previous coursework
  • Three strong evaluation references, at least one from a research lab mentor and one from an academic source
  • With the written essay, provide evidence of appropriate goals of study, professional growth, and commitment to research, with special emphasis on interest in research that is being conducted at UAB
  • Interview with faculty that shows passion and commitment to research and professional growth in Rehabilitation Science.

If selected for admission, all full time students are eligible for funding that provides tuition, stipend, and student health insurance. All students are required to have personal insurance coverage. Visit for more information. If admitted, SHP students are required to submit immunizations documentation and complete a background check and drug screen. Students will receive further instructions upon program admission.

Application Process

Apply through the UAB Graduate School application or visit the UAB Graduate School website for more information about the application process.

Career Paths and Job Opportunities

Upon graduating from the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences program, students will be able to design and implement research studies that will contribute to the knowledge base of rehabilitation science as well as design and deliver educational courses related to rehabilitation. Graduates will be able to translate innovative rehabilitation research findings into practice to advance the field of rehabilitation science.