Matthew P. Ithurburn, PT, Ph.D., DPT, OCS
Assistant Professor
1716 9th Avenue South
SHPB 386
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Miscellaneous Information

Primary teaching content: Movement science; musculoskeletal management; sports physical therapy considerations

Primary research interests: My long-term research goals include improving outcomes and promoting evidence-based treatment for young, active patients following lower extremity musculoskeletal injuries. Specifically, to date, this work has occurred in adolescent and pediatric sports medicine populations with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and intra-articular, non-arthritic hip pain.My approach to achieve these goals includes leveraging clinical and biomechanical data to determine factors associated with successful or unsuccessful outcomes over time. These outcomes include improvement or change in symptoms and function, continuation of sports participation or physical activity, the occurrence of additional injury, and movement patterns during dynamic and daily tasks. With an understanding of factors associated with outcomes, a long-term step includes developing and testing the efficacy of rehabilitation interventions in these young, active patient populations.