Harshvardhan Singh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
1716 9th Avenue South.
SHPB 384
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Miscellaneous Information

Primary teaching content: Pathology & Pharmacology for Movement Disorders; PT Examination

Primary research interests: Dr. Harshvardhan Singh, PT, PhD is actively involved in developing and implementing novel clinically feasible methods to address the problem of age-associated osteoporosis, osteoporosis-related fractures, and sarcopenia. In addition, he investigates musculoskeletal physiological changes in populations with low exercise tolerance. Dr. Singh’s previous work has led to understanding of the functional and structural characteristics of musculoskeletal system in different types of population such as older adults with osteoporosis, individuals with spinal cord injury, older adults with obesity, and children with cerebral palsy. Dr. Singh’s current research is focused on utilizing muscle phasic contractions to induce mechanical load in a novel way to help address musculoskeletal deficits in older adults and the elderly. Additionally, Dr. Singh also examines the effects of his interventions on balance in older adults with osteoporosis and children with cerebral palsy.