Brain injury is football's biggest problem. imp test 1

What's the solution?

The first step is to completely and accurately define what actually happens on the football field. Before you can determine the best way to protect players, you need to know everything about the impacts they experience in real game situations.


Our approach is unique. We are using high-speed, high-definition game film (altered above to protect player identities) to collect all data relevant to the magnitude of a helmet impact: player closing speeds, impact points on the helmets, player masses, and body orientations. Proprietary software automatically analyzes each impact to record the conditions before, during, and after the collision.


By analyzing a broad cross-section of game film, we are building the most complete picture of the real conditions that lead to head injury.

helmets reconstruction

With that data in hand, we are already moving forward with testing methods that can re-create these conditions in our lab at Birmingham's Barber Motorsports Park. Using the latest crash-test dummies, along with one-of-a-kind sleds and other hardware, we are developing the world's most accurate proving ground for football helmets. (See the facility in action in the video below.)

Our goal is to develop a standardized test to evaluate every helmet currently on the market. We intend to publish this data to give everyone, from parents to coaches to the players themselves, access to the relevant information.

We believe that this transparency will point the way to better helmet designs—and greater safety for players at every level.