The UAB Clinical Simulation & OIPS primary simulation lab is on the third floor Quarterback Tower, in the Center for Patient Safety & Advanced Medical Simulation, commonly referred to as the QBT Sim Lab. This 4,900 square foot simulation space was previously a Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) that has been recommissioned for simulation. There are seven patient simulator rooms that cover mid-to-high fidelity range simulations. These simulated patient rooms are equipped with a variety of simulators including Laerdal MegaCode Kelly, SimMom, SimMan Essentials and SimMan 3G, as well as the CAE iStan, HPS, and Gaumard’s Baby Tory. Our simulators are operated from one of three different control rooms where simulation specialists, content experts, and simulation facilitators gather to produce and observe the simulations without disturbing the learners. In addition, we have sim screens that allow for running simulations in the room when needed. Our rooms are equipped with video recording and streaming capabilities for large groups of learners to partake in the simulation experience without entering the patient room. One of these high fidelity rooms is a simulated operating room equipped with an anesthesia machine, anesthesia cart, and other operating room equipment. In addition to our patient rooms, we also provide three classroom and debriefing spaces, equipped with computer access and flat screen television display, for debriefing of simulations or didactic teaching before the simulations. 

Directions to the Center for Patient Safety and Advanced Medical Simulation (QBT 3)

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