Sherichia Hardy, MPH, BSN, RN, CNL & Andres Viles, MSN, RN

On February 7, the UAB Serious Infectious Disease Team (SID) conducted an incognito (secret shopper) simulation. The exercise simulated the presentation of a patient with suspected COVID-19 (coronavirus) to the University Emergency Department (UED). As one of three designated Tier II Serious Infectious Disease Network Assessment facilities for the state of Alabama, UAB Hospital is required to periodically test its ability to respond to patients presenting at various facilities with clinical symptoms of serious infectious diseases and suspect travel history. The specific purpose of this simulation was to test the health systems ability to identify and isolate individuals with suspected highly infectious diseases. It also offered an opportunity to review internal communication practices. We would like to thank the following departments for their participation and direct support of the SID Team: Emergency Medicine, Emergency Management, UAB Police, and UAB Clinical Simulation.