2021 National Public Health Week kicked off with the Public Health Virtual Research Poster Session. Dr. Alfredo Morabia, Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Public Health, gave the keynote presentation “Translating your science to journal publications.” More than 30 posters were presented by SOPH faculty, staff and students. Award winners are provided below. View the recording.

Doctoral Students

1st place: Swati Sakhuja, Epidemiology
Poster title: Potential impact of inaccurately measuring blood pressure on the prevalence of high blood pressure in the United States
2nd place: Alana Jones, Epidemiology
Poster title: Differentially methylated DNA regions in left ventricular hypertrophy: the HyperGEN study
3rd place: Maira Sohail, Epidemiology
Poster title: Role of Partnership Status on Time to Viral Suppression and Sustained Viral Suppression among Newly Diagnosed Heterosexual People Living with HIV

Master Students

1st place: Ahsan Wahab, Epidemiology
Poster title: Evaluating the Association Between Somatic Copy Number Alterations and Cervical Cancer Prognosis using the TCGA data
2nd place: Two-way tie
Ene Enogela, Epidemiology. Poster title: Underreporting of clinical trial findings for underrepresented cancer patients: A review of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guideline trials
Joseph Buckman, Epidemiology. Poster title: Socioeconomic and Geographical Disparity in Prenatal Screening for Complex Congenital Heart Diseases in Alabama

Undergraduate Students

1st place: Charlene Mansour, Epidemiology
Poster title: Investigating the Effect of Bacteria in the Growth of Breast Cancer Cell Lines
2nd place: Emma Kate Sellers, Health Care Organization and Policy
Poster title: Filling Gaps for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in a Community-based, Participatory Model with Local NGOs in Birmingham Alabama
3rd place: Rose Albert, Environmental Health Sciences
Poster title: Quantifying the Coupled Impact of the Urban Heat Island Effect and Air Pollution in the 35th Avenue Superfund Site


1st place: Kalani Upshaw, Health Behavior
Poster title: The Mental Health Journey of being a University Student during COVID-19: A Longitudinal Mixed Methods Study of Undergraduate and Graduate Students
2nd place: Bharat Poudel, Epidemiology
Poster title: Comparison of the association of masked hypertension defined by the 2017 ACC/AHA versus the JNC7 BP guideline with LVH
3rd place: Calvin Colvin, Epidemiology
Poster title: Healthcare Fragmentation and Blood Pressure Control

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