Dr. Paul Erwin, DrPH Dean, School of Public Health

“Climate Change is the biggest public health challenge of our lives…even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic. This will be with us the rest of my natural life, whether I live one more day or 35 more years. It will pass on to my children, who will have to address this largely human-caused change in our environment.”

- Dr. Paul Erwin, UAB, Dean of School of Public Health

As a medical and public health professional for nearly four decades, Dr. Erwin doesn’t mince words. He is sounding the alarm about the impact of climate change on our health, Alabama’s economy and your family. But will we listen? UAB has.

Because of Dr. Erwin’s efforts, since he became Dean in 2018, UAB has begun what they call a “cluster hire”—the addition of five to six researchers/professors, including senior leadership. This new multidisciplinary unit of dedicated experts will focus on climate change and health within the School of Public Health. It’s a game-changer.

This is our first installment in a three part series about climate change in Alabama.

The topic today? Health.

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