Liza has been invited as a panelist at the 15th International Conference on Urban Health (ICUH) in Kampala, Uganda from November 26-30, 2018.

In addition to being a Health Care Organization and Policy student, Liza is also the Director of LiveWell Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya and will be representing LiveWell in the Cities as Economic Engines Plenary Session 4. This session will discuss the movement of capital – both human and financial – and how it is changing the face of urban health. Additionally, this subtheme will examine how the movement of money and people into and out of urban areas contributes to the health of urban and peri-urban dwellers and will also include attention to the role of local and multinational business entities with invested interests in urban health, and how mutually productive partnerships can go beyond CSR and charity.

Liza will sit on the panel alongside with Mr. Aromar Revi, Director of Indian Institue for Human Settlements in India; Mr. Studar Mwesigwa, Director of Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) in the United Kingdom, and Mr. Steffen Nielsen, Director of Cities Changing Diabetes, Novo Norsdisk in Denmark. Chair Dr. Yonette Thomas, Executive Director of International Society for Urban Health will also be present.

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