There’s about a 100 percent chance that I have misused statistics somewhere in this sentence.

You wouldn’t need to have a doctorate in statistics from Harvard to know that, but it’s surprising how often Charity Morgan, PhD, who does, encounters basic statistical errors in even the most prominent studies.

Morgan, an associate professor in the Department of Biostatistics in the School of Public Health, has for years been a regular contributor to the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology on topics such as “Landmark analysis: A primer” and “statistical issues associated with terminating a clinical trial due to slow enrollment.”

As those titles suggest, Morgan is a resident expert on statistical methods for clinical trials. That means she helps UAB researchers figure out how many patients they need to enroll in order to have a statistically valid result. This is a mathematical question, all the more so as the precision medicine revolution advances and genetic sequencing and statistical techniques that were once applied to thousands or millions of people at a time zoom in on a handful.

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