Public health is a noble calling, largely unappreciated until recent events (namely, a global pandemic) shone new light on its importance. We need public health workers and leaders now more than ever. But public health professionals who are earning a Master’s in Public Health are usually paying their own way, which can make the cost of schooling intimidating. Obviously, when a person earns any degree, he or she wants to reduce the cost as much as possible, especially when he or she is earning a master’s degree like a master’s in public health (MPH).

Therefore, a person should look for the cheapest MPH programs. Generally, the cheapest MPH degrees are online degrees. The price between a brick-and-mortar program versus an online program usually differs slightly since students don’t use the facility to attend school. Additionally, a person is looking into the cheapest MPH online, he or she should look into regional public universities. Typically, public universities tend to be a cheaper, and the regional campuses aren’t as expensive as the main campuses.

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