Tavaris Daniel in his graduation cap and gown in front of the Campbell Hall waterfall.

Many of you recognize Tavaris (Brad) Daniel for taking photos around the school.

We’re turning the camera on him to focus on his recent accomplishment of completing his bachelor’s degree while working full-time. We would also like to acknowledge all of our staff who have recently completed a degree program or are currently working towards one. Congratulations!

Staff who have received their doctoral degree at UAB:

  • Lei Huang, PhD, health education/ health promotion

Staff who have received their master’s degree at UAB:

  • Julie Brown, MBA, business administration
  • Calvin Colvin, MSPH, applied epidemiology
  • Tessa Graham, MPH, epidemiology
  • Marquita S. Gray, MSPH, applied epidemiology
  • Virginia Harvard, MBA, business administration
  • Demetria Hubbard, MSPH, pharmacoepidemiology & comparative effectiveness research
  • Robert Christopher Nix, MSMIS, management information systems
  • Sandeep Reddy Patlolla, MS, data science
  • Bharat Poudel, MSPH, pharmacoepidemiology & comparative effectiveness research
  • Leigh Anne Robertson, MBA, business administration Hannah VanSlambrouck, MBA, business administration

Staff who have received their bachelor’s degree at UAB:

  • Tavaris “Brad” Daniel, BA, art
  • Robert Caldwell, BA, african american studies
  • Lisa Irby, BS, health care management

Currently in school —

Staff working toward a doctoral degree:

  • Jessica Thames Chambliss, PhD, health education/health promotion
  • Anna Helova, DrPH, outcomes research

Staff working toward a master's degree:

  • Katelin Adams, MPH, maternal and child health
  • Daniel Camburn, MSECE, electrical engineering

Staff working toward a bachelor's degree:

  • Joanna Carson, BA, communication studies
  • Jessica Clayton, BS, digital forensics
  • Cassandra Johnson, BS, business management

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