"Which beach will bust?"

When Hurricane Michael slammed into Mexico Beach in October 2018, it wasn’t just the strongest hurricane to hit the Panhandle or the strongest October hurricane on record to land in the United States.

Climate scientists consider it a warning of what is to come: Sea levels are rising and the impacts of global warming are becoming more pronounced. The asphalt jungle is spreading, too.

“Soil soaks up 80 to 100% of rainfall; on paved surfaces, it’s 0 to 10% and the velocity of water runoff increases, too,” said Rouzbeh Nazari, Ph.D., co-director of the UAB Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center. “We’re seeing flooding after less than an hour of rainfall in places where heavy rain used to be no big deal. A major disaster used to be thought of as an earthquake or landslide. Now flooding is front and center.”

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