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    Sparkman Center for Global Health Mission Statement

    Our mission is to enhance the capacity of the UAB community to engage, prepare, and support current and future health professionals through a global health agenda and more broadly to alleviate health problems in less developed countries by increasing public health capacity in-country. To help achieve our mission, the Sparkman Center is now accepting donations from donors to the following four funds:

    Girls Can Code

    The Girls Can Code program was an idea by Daniel Bevington, a rural Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia. Daniel realized the need to support girls skill development. This led him to establish a program in rural Zambia that provides girls with training in early introduction to computer coding and empowers them to provide income for themselves and their families. In January 2017, Daniel offered his first Technology Camp. The camp was a huge success and girls are excited to have this opportunity. Girls Can Code has taken off and now there are multiple replications and spinoff projects planned. This program has proven to be a success and would be enhanced by donations to continue to offer the supplies and materials for the camps, trainers, transportation, and mentor support. UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health will continue to support Daniel through Peace Corps and Hacker’s Guild. These donations would thus be used for the program directly.


    Over the past six years the UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health has been working to support and enhance educational programs in resource constrained areas.  In order to accomplish this goal the center has worked with eGranary Digital Library; BongoHive and Hackers Guild of Lusaka, Zambia; and Support Education in collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministries Education and Health.  There are more details on these projects on the Sparkman Center Website. This collaboration has brought together an innovative software technology we are calling SparkEd.  SparkEd is an innovative software package for organization and delivery of educational content for use in areas with no internet and restricted access to textbooks or library resources.  This software was developed collaboratively by programmers in Zambia and Ethiopia and has been used to deliver a Nurse Anesthetist training program in Kenya and the full secondary school curriculum (grades 9 through 12) in Ethiopia.  As the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia adapts this approach it has the possibility of impacting students in 3800 high schools in the country averaging 1000 students per school.  Agreements are now in place for digitizing the content down to grade 5 over this next year.  The software is being developed as an open-source product that is available to anyone for digitization and delivery of educational content from central servers, tablets or mobile devices. 

    We are seeking funding for the initial establishment of the “home” for the software, for supporting the digitizing of the grade 5 through 8 content in Ethiopia, for supporting other pilot programs for demonstrating the broad utility of the software and for initial support for “franchises” in other resource constrained areas (countries). The franchises could each become sustainable very quickly through providing technical services of digitizing local content and/or providing technical support for dissemination of the digital content once it is developed as has been done in Ethiopia and Zambia.  Funds could also be targeted for sponsoring specific school installations in these or other countries once the local resource is developed. To date, Sparkman Center has supported all of the development activities.  

    Moses Sinkala Endowed Memorial Award in Zambia Public Health

    The Moses Sinkala Memorial Zambia Award will provide much needed financial assistance to deserving students in the University of Zambia, School of Medicine, who demonstrate an interest in serving the public health needs of Zambia as was a priority of Dr. Sinkala. Dr. Sinkala was a graduate of the UAB School of Public Health and a leader in policy and research for implementation of healthcare delivery in his beloved country of Zambia. His vision and passion for public health will be deeply missed. The fund will reside at and be administered by The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) under the direction of a selection committee.

    International Student Opportunities – International Internships and Travel Scholarship

    International educational experiences often change the worldview of students and promote the notion of global citizenship. Funds donated to this account will be exclusively used towards supporting UAB students completing an approved international experience. Internships, research projects, and public health practice opportunities all qualify.

    Sparkman Center – GIFT Account

    The UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health seeks to promote the idea of global citizenship beyond the UAB campus. Contributions made to this account will support a variety of initiatives, including but not limited to: the Friends of the Sparkman Center, Sparkman Scholars, Sparkman Fellows, Sparkman Community Partners, and the Global Health Lecture Series. To give directly to the Sparkman Center Gift Account click here.

    How to Donate

    To donate to one of these funds, please go to visit: https://www.uab.edu/give/now/ . Click the "Give Now" button at the top of the page, then select "Search, Schools, Colleges, and Units" and type in and search "Spark". You will then be able to see the funds available to donate to under the School of Public Health. These funds are SparkEd Gifts, Sparkman Center for Global Health - Gift Account, and Sparkman Center for Global Health - International Student Opportunitites. 


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      We thank you all for your continued support for the Sparkman Center for Global Health!