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The UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health’s Interim Director, Dr. Janet Turan and the Center’s Director of Caribbean Programs, Dr. Henna Budhwani visited Saint Lucia in September 2018 to support a two-day workshop on Tailored Motivational Interviewing (TMI) designed to improve rates of disclosure of high-risk behaviors (e.g., unprotected sex, sex work, etc.) in HIV and STI clinical settings across the island. Dr. Sylvie Naar, Endowed Distinguished Professor at Florida State University College of Medicine, developed the training. Mr. Maurice Bulls, with Behavior Change Consulting, facilitated the workshop with Dr. Naar.

Who attended the workshop?

Attendees included representatives of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Saint Lucia Ministry of Health, Saint Lucia Bureau of Education, AIDS Action Foundation, United and Strong, and Saint Lucia HIV and STI testing clinics.

2018 Sept St. Lucia 3

Pictured Above are Dr. Turan, Dr. Budhwani, and Dr. Naar with TMI trainees

What is TMI?

TMI is an evidence-informed intervention that rages from brief single sessions to multiple sessions delivered at a public space, medical clinic, office, or client’s home. TMI is based on Motivational Interviewing (MI), in which there is a collaborative and more conversational style of communication for strengthening a person’s (patient’s) own motivations and commitment to change or guiding a person to change, rather than directing him or her. In our implementation, TMI is tailored to target behaviors relevant to HIV prevention and care in high-risk populations considering cultural contexts unique to Caribbean settings. The TMI toolkit includes tools, procedures, materials to support intervention delivery and worksheets for each of the seven modules. These seven modules include:

            -Module 1 - Introduction

            -Module 2 - MI Spirit

            -Module 3 - Managing Counter Change Talk and Discord

            -Module 4 - Recognizing and Reinforcing Change Talk

            -Module 5 - Eliciting Change Talk

            -Module 6 - MI Processes

            -Module 7 - Implementation

Workshop participants attended an initial TMI 2-day training workshop; a select group of participants will complete four individual coaching session by phone or via Skype over the upcoming three months. Ongoing fidelity using the Coach Rating Scale will be monitored.

Reference: Naar, S., Cahil, S. (Ed.), Goldhammer, H. (Ed.), Marc, L. (Ed.), Keuroghlian, A. (Ed.) Tailored Motivational Interviewing An Implementation Toolkit. Behavior Change Consulting; 2018.


This workshop was supported by the UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health, Florida State University, and the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition.

More information

The Tailored Motivational Interview Implementation Toolkit can be found here.

2018 Sept St. Lucia 2

Pictured Above are Dr. Budhwani, Dr. Naar, and Dr. Turan. They facilitated TMI training sessions while in Saint Lucia. 


2018 Sept St. Lucia 2

Pictured Above is Dr. Sylvie Naar facilitating one of the modules from the toolkit.