To meet certificate requirements, professionals must complete 1 core module and 4 elective modules. Professionals who maintain a “Pass” status in these modules will be awarded a certificate from the UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health.

Online GHS Core

GHS 600: Fundamentals of Global Health [Summer]
Introduces students to a broad understanding of global disease burden, trends, and demographic transitions that impact health worldwide.

Online GHS Electives (Choose 4 courses)

GHS 604: Infectious Diseases of Global Health Significance [Spring]
Designed to introduce students to the basic biology, epidemiology, control and prevention of infectious diseases of global health significance.

GHS 605: Disabilities and Global Health [Summer]
Explores the causes of disability, global prevalence and relationship between poverty and disability.

GHS 606: Critical Issues in Global Maternal and Child Health [Fall]
Introduce participants to thematic issues in advancing the health status of women, children and adolescents globally.

GHS 607: Global Health and Gender [Spring]
Enable participants to identify the gendered nature of global health issues and apply a gender perspective to program planning, policy analysis, or research design

GHS 610: Refugee and Immigrant Health [Fall]
Address health concerns in emergency situations, health care in refugee camps, as well as equity and human rights as they apply to refugees and displaced persons.

GHS 611: International NGO Management [Spring]
Examine the role NGOs play in aid, development, and human rights as well as provide an introduction to the skills needed to effectively manage international projects such as project development, implementation, and evaluation.

please check with Katie Adams This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding course schedules as availabily is subject to change

Course Delivery

The online courses are offered using UAB's Canvas system, which encompasses a variety of features to facilitate and enrich online teaching and learning. All course participants will be provided technical support in the use of the online platform features.

Course Evaluation

All professionals are evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis. Each module will be graded pass (a grade of 70% and above) or fail (a grade of 69% and below). Participants who achieve a passing grade of 95% and above will be awarded the certificate with distinction.

Timeline for Certificate Completion

This certificate program is designed to be completed within one calendar year; however, there is no specific requirement as to when professionals complete the program. The course is flexible enough to meet the demands of a working professional.

Optional GHS Internship

Participants may elect to complete a 2-week intensive course at The Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology (SIFAT). Alternatively, with approval from the course administration, participants can also arrange with adequate supervision, to undertake a field study component with relevant global health institutions/agencies that are accessible to each course participant, including but not limited to, ministries of health, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), bilateral and multilateral agencies, and faith-based organizations. Participants will be required to write a technical report on their field study experience.

Professional Certificate Course Registration

In order to take the courses offered through the certificate program, you must enroll in the GHS certificate program. To apply, please click the 'Apply To The Program' link located above under Professional Certificate.

ONLY non-degree seeking, non-UAB employee professionals should register below.

Professionals who are UAB employees and desire to receive educational assistance must: 1) register as a non-degree seeking student through the graduate school, 2) register for the courses via Blazernet and 3) once you have registered, contact HR for further assistance

Non-degree seeking or degree seeking graduate students should register for the courses via Blazernet.

Course Registration

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