1. Do you accept applications on a rolling year round basis?

Yes, applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Currently, the core course is offered in June-July each year. Electives are offered throughout the academic year.

2. Are fees for the entire program due at the time of enrollment?

No. The courses can either be paid for in two installments or course by course (based on 2016-2017 course fees).

3. How long will you have to complete the entire program?

In general, the certificate program is deigned to be completed in one calendar year; however, professionals are free to take the courses at their own pace and complete the program according to the demands of their individual schedules.

4. Do you have to take the core course before taking the elective courses?

While it is recommended that professionals first complete the core course before undertaking the elective modules, this is not a requirement of the program.

5. How do I know if I qualify to take GHS graduate certificate program?

Professionals who hold a prior degree in a health-related field, e.g., medicine, nursing, or public health, may qualify to pursue the GHS graduate certificate program offered for UAB graduate students. Formal permission from the course director is required prior to enrollment into the GHS graduate certificate program.