packed car supplies streamSchool of Public Health representative Michelle Henry's car was packed with supplies to take to Wylam K-8 School.The UAB Staff Council, in partnership with the UAB National Alumni Society's UAB Black Alumni chapter, collected hundreds of school supplies for the Birmingham Education Foundation (Ed) and Birmingham City Schools as part of its New Year, New Supplies drive, which ran Jan. 7-Feb. 14.

Boxes of disinfectant wipes, three-ring pocket folders and binders, pens, pencils and other supplies were delivered to Wylam K-8 School Feb. 21. The Ed Foundation is dedicated to increasing the number of students in the Birmingham City Schools that are on the path to college, career and life readiness.

“I would never want school supplies to be an issue when students come to school," said Ashley Samuels, principal at Wylam K-8 and current UAB doctoral student. "Paper and pencils should not be a reason they’re unable to complete their assignments."

The school has always had a policy that students in need can visit the school office to get necessary school supplies, Samuels says, and the Staff Council donations will make it possible for Wylam to continue to offer that service to students.

"The donations the Staff Council collected will ensure we continue the great work we're already doing," she continued.

Staff Council Chair Dave Beeching said he is glad UAB partnered with the Ed Foundation and Wylam in this way.

“We’re proud of our staff’s dedication to providing local students with the supplies they need to be successful,” said Staff Council Chair Dave Beeching.

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