Counselor Herbert Wilkerson’s podcast, “Let’s Talk About it with SCS and Friends” will be the platform for a major panel discussion on race, activism and mental health LetsTalk Panel social2 minon Wednesday and Thursday. This two-part forum will tackle tough conversations on the recent events that have greatly impacted the Black community and spurred dialogue on race and reform across the country.

When asked what he hopes to achieve with the forums, counselor Wilkerson stated, “I really want the forums to support our students who are dealing with the racial injustices in our society. After this event, I want UAB students and the entire UAB community to be able to manage their emotions in the healthiest way possible and to express where they want to go from here. I feel the dynamic group of panelists, that includes students, faculty, staff and community activists, will do a wonderful job of tackling this discussion.“

Counselor Wilkerson will lead the conversation on Wednesday and will cover balancing mental health in the midst of activism. He will pass the mic over to the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on Thursday, and they will focus on action, education and promoting healing in the Black community. Both events will be streamed live on the UAB Students Facebook page from 6-8 p.m.