It is hard to believe; however, another academic year is coming to an end. UAB’s campus is a-buzz with end of the year activities to recognize the successes and advancements among students during the past 8 months.  Amidst all of the celebrations, it is important for students to keep their focus on finishing the semester healthy so that they complete all of their courses to the best of their abilities. The final weeks of the Spring semester tend to take on a frenzied spirit.  Your student will benefit from reminders to keep their sleep schedule as consistent as possible, to pay close attention to what and when they are eating, and to engage in some physical activity every day.  Yes, they need to make sure they are studying too; however, the quality and productivity of their study time will likely increase when they are attending to their overall health during this time as well.  Below are some suggestions you may provide your student to encourage their success through the end of this semester.

  • Find a classmate that is doing well in the class, ask them if they’d like to study together. (Note: I’d didn’t say friend… this may be a friend; however the focus must be studying with someone who is doing well.  If you want to be an “A” student you need to hang with “A” students.
  • Plan to study for 45 minimize increments and then during the 15-minute break, get up and walk rather than get lost in social media.
  • If you realize you have become so comfortable in your study space that you are easily distracted, or quick to nap, change the location.
  • [Go old-school, just for a couple of weeks, write out (on paper) your study schedule. Use it!
  • Won’t follow a written schedule? Set your phone with alarms and reminders for study times.
  • Set up tutoring appointments NOW for the weeks ahead.  If you wait to set up an appointment for the week before the final, all appointments will likely be booked.