All residents are expected to be completely moved out of their room and checked out of their space within 24 hours of their last exam. If they would like to request an extension, they can do so at the front desk of their residence hall. The residence halls officially close for the Spring semester on Sunday, April 30th at 5pm.

Students can start preparing for check out by packing and taking items home now. We will have Salvation Army bins in each lobby if students would like to donate any unwanted items. We will also have a place to donate unwanted non-perishable food items which will be donated to the UAB Food Pantry for those in need.

Your student can also work with roommates and suitemates to agree on a cleaning plan for closing. Each person was provided a suite cleaning agreement at their mandatory floor meeting. The cleaning agreement will help everyone play a fair role in cleaning the bathroom, fridge, floors, etc. By the time the first roommate checks out, all of these items need to be clean. We encourage residents to clean the room perfectly and think about how clean they would expect it to be if they were moving in. Residents should prepare for scrubbing the tub, vacuuming and mopping the floors, and cleaning all items.

For the actual check-out time, your student’s Resident Assistant will meet them at their room at the agreed upon time. The RA will review the condition of the room and complete a room condition report. The RA will notate cleanliness and any damages to the room. Your student will turn in their keys and promptly exit the building. It is important that your student is completely ready to check out at the checkout time. If they are not prepared, they may have to wait until the RA’s next available time.