Justin Quinn “That one time at UAB… I introduced my sons to the campus where I spent years of growth with great memories.”

“That one time at UAB… my daughter became the first in our family to graduate from a four-year university.”

“That one time at UAB… I attended my first Blazer baseball game to watch my favorite athlete play.”

How does that sentence end for you?

In honor of UAB’s first campus-wide Giving Day, we’re asking everyone to complete that sentence! Please take a moment and visit this site and let us know what moment at UAB stands out to you!

Join all of UAB’s family—alumni, friends, parents, and students—as we come together to make an impact on the area(s!) that matter the most on May 11-12, UAB’s That One Time at UAB… Giving Day. Whether its student programs, your student’s academic department, the marching band, a sport, or if you just love UAB…we ask you to to make a gift to show your passion.