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First Year Student Move-in Freshman move-in day is August 26. There will be many students moving in that day, so in order to make everything pass as smoothly as possible, your student will receive an assigned time during which they are expected to arrive. There will be a move-in team ready to help you and your student through the process as well. Your student needs to make sure to bring their One-Card, as they will need it to check in and receive their key. Also, make sure that your student’s boxes and items are clearly marked with their name, residence hall and room number.

Items Included in the Residence Halls Incoming freshmen will be placed in double occupancy rooms, that provide twin XL beds including the mattress, a closet, dressers and a desk (with built-in desk lamp) and a chair. If your student is assigned to the New Freshman Residence Hall, they will share a kitchen space with the other roommate. It is equipped with a sink, microwave, cabinets and a mini refrigerator. The bathrooms include a toilet and a shower with shower curtains and two shelves.

If your student is placed in Blazer hall, the common space area/kitchen will be shared among four or six students. They will also have access to a sink, cabinets and a full size refrigerator. Blazer hall does not provide microwaves. The bathrooms are equipped with a toilet and a bathtub, shower curtain not included. All dorms have laundry rooms, with washing machines and dryers, where students can do three loads of laundry a week free of charge.


Items to bring:

- Twin XL sheet set

- Towels

- Bathroom rug

- Shower curtains and rings (Blazer)

- Toiletries

- Toilet paper and paper towels

- Garbage bin

- Laundry baskets and detergent

- Cleaning supplies

- Dishes and cutlery


A full list of suggested items can be found here.  




Blazer Hall

blazer hall floorplan


New Freshman Residence Hall

new freshman residence hall floorplan



Safety is a top priority at UAB. We have an accredited police force that patrols our campus 24 hours a day. A supervisor and several officers from the UAB Police Department’s special Student Housing Police Precinct routinely patrol the residence halls and parking areas on foot and on bicycle. Officers interact with students and conduct programs and activities to help residents prevent crime. Nevertheless, it is hard to prevent all thefts and accidents, which is why we encourage you to consider acquiring insurance to cover your student's belongings. 

College Plus is the premier personal property insurance plan specifically designed for College Students. They offer insurance on phone and laptop damage and all of the personal property that is in your student’s residence hall room from theft, accidents and flooding.

  • Deductibles as low as $25
  • Premiums as low as $66/year
  • Unlimited claims
  • Coverage starting up to $2,000 per accident

College Plus Protection is a clear advantage over your typical homeowners coverage that contains high deductibles and does not cover small electronics and accidental damages.  We offer a comprehensive policy that is designed specifically for the college student. To learn more or sign up for the insurance, click here.

Students are also advized to download the free app Rave Guardian, which has multiple safety functions, including a safety timer and quick access to campus police.


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