UAB is proud to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Kaleidoscope. The student run paper is older than the University itself and has been an asset for students receiving local new surrounding the University, as well as worldwide news. Every Tuesday, while your student is in classes, the staff of the Kaleidoscope delivers their beautiful broadsheet to drop off on campus and in surrounding areas. They feature stories from The Return of UAB Football, attending concerts, eating healthy, even a students experience in Charlottesville. The Kaleidoscope’s staff is dedicated to giving students the news, the truth about what is happening on your student’s campus.

            The Kaleidoscope, or “The Scope”, is older than the University itself and has provided a key educational tool for aspiring journalists and editors. The newspaper has even been a creative outlet for students who may not have an interest in journalism beyond the collegiate level. The students who do work for the newspaper, however, learn about AP style, how to accurately produce a story, interviewing techniques, and even go behind the scenes of some of Birmingham’s most popular events. It is an experience like no other, and any student of faculty member who picks up their broadsheet knows how passionate the newsroom of Student Media is.

            To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Kaleidoscope, the Student Media office will be celebrating throughout Homecoming Week before heading to Legion Field on Saturday for the game. To celebrate the anniversary of a newspaper that is for the students and by the students is an event that is truly special here at UAB. It is an event that your student will not want to miss out on, either participating in the publication of the Kaleidoscope or picking up a copy on the way to class. For more information be sure to stop by the Student Media Office located across from the elevators in the Hill Student Center.