Exam Pack Updated 2     With the Spring semester nearing an end, finals week is rapidly approaching. Once again, we are offering a way to send your student a personalized note along with some goodies to help give them energy and encouragement to focus on their studying. 

   The Residence Life Team, Vulcan Materials for Academic Success Center, and the office of Parent and Family Services are joining together to deliver messages and packages to students accross campus. For those who live on campus, they will receive their Blazer Exam Package directly in their residence hall. For those who live off campus, they will be able to get their package in the new Off-Campus Student Lounge. All exam packs will be delivered on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.  

  The package costs $18 and includes: a helium balloon with a "Good Luck on Exams" message, a special UAB care package bag (pictured) filled with goodies to keep them energized, and a personalized message from you! 

  Click HERE to order. Please place orders by Monday, April 16, 2018.