That time of year has returned! With all the excitement of your student returning to school, students and family members may forget to renew the Parent/Guest Access. Parent/Guest Access is only valid for one academic year and has to be renewed by the student at the beginning of the school year. The University of Alabama at Birmingham understands how important it is for family members to “stay in the loop” with what’s going on while your student is in college, which is why the Parent/Guest Access is important.

Through the Parent/Guest Access, your student can grant up to five individuals access to their UAB records. This access will grant you permission to view what is considered Non-Directory Information. This information includes:

Student Life scr

  • Student’s ID Picture
  • Current Class Schedule
  • Courses Taken
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Final Semester Grades
  • View Current Charges (can also make payments towards student’s account)
  • View Estimated Charges for Upcoming Term
  • Financial Aid Awards

To renew Parent/Guest Access have your student log into and select the Links/Forms tab. Under the Links column, click Parent/Guest Authorization Agreement. The student will enter your email address then create your unique password to grant you access. If a family member wishes to have access to other records such as medical, certain disciplinary actions, etc., individual departments would need to be contacted by the student to determine if access can be granted.