On behalf of the UAB VMASC, your students’ academic success center, I wish to thank you for the support that you provide to your students.  The goal of the VMASC team is to provide academic support services to undergraduate students in a welcoming learning environment.  Located in the Education Building, the VMASC offers tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), exploratory advising, and academic success advising to all students.  Tutoring sessions are facilitated by near peer tutors, students who have successfully completed the course that they are tutoring, have received recommendations from UAB faculty, and earn CRLA certification for tutoring.   In other words, we invest time and resources into the tutors to ensure that they are prepared to provide your students with meaningful and productive tutoring and SI experiences.  You are most likely the first people that will know if your student is struggling with a class, unsure about their choice of major, or experiencing stress associated with their transition to the college environment.  Please know that our team is here for your students, encourage them to reach out to the VMASC as a place to receive support and encouragement related to their academic support.  For more information regarding the VMASC, our team members, and the services we provide, please visit us online at UAB.edu/success.

Once again – welcome to the UAB family!