Graduation! What an exciting time for your student and family! Every student has calculated an estimated time for their college graduation since the beginning of freshman year. Having to obtain so many credit hours including prerequisites, core classes, internships, electives, etc., can be difficult to keep track of at times. Contemplating when a student should or can apply for graduation can be overwhelming when trying to add up all of those hours. UAB’S Graduation Planning System (GPS) is available to provide your student with guidance to navigate their road to walking across that stage. GPS is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion and plan for future coursework. 

GPS compares the degree requirements of the UAB Undergraduate Catalog and the coursework completed on the student’s record to produce an easy-to-read audit. If your student is close to graduating but may be considering adding a minor or possibly changing their major, GPS provides a “What If” feature allowing them to view the remaining course work that would need to be completed. GPS also features a “Plans” ability that indicates when and what ordered classes should be taken. This feature allows the student and their advisor to create a semester by semester road-map.

GPS can be accessed by your student through logging on to their BlazerNet account and selecting the GPS icon on the right side of the page. A student's GPS consists of a series of sections, which are called "blocks." These blocks are programmed to check the degree requirements for each school. The blocks contain an easy-to-use color code:

  • A green box indicates that a requirement has been completed.
  • A blue box indicates that a requirement is in the process of being completed. Most often this means that a student is currently enrolled in a course that will satisfy the requirement.
  • A red box indicates that a requirement still needs to be completed.
  • A yellow box indicates that a student should talk with an advisor about that requirement. Students will rarely see a yellow box, as it is reserved for particularly complex situations that require a conversation with an advisor