On behalf of the UAB VMASC, your students’ academic success center, I wish to thank you for the support that you provide to your students.  The goal of the VMASC team is to provide academic support services to undergraduate students in a welcoming learning environment.  Located in the Education Building, the VMASC offers tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), exploratory advising, and academic success advising to all students.  Tutoring sessions are facilitated by near peer tutors, students who have successfully completed the course that they are tutoring, have received recommendations from UAB faculty, and earn CRLA certification for tutoring.   In other words, we invest time and resources into the tutors to ensure that they are prepared to provide your students with meaningful and productive tutoring and SI experiences.  You are most likely the first people that will know if your student is struggling with a class, unsure about their choice of major, or experiencing stress associated with their transition to the college environment.  Please know that our team is here for your students, encourage them to reach out to the VMASC as a place to receive support and encouragement related to their academic support.  For more information regarding the VMASC, our team members, and the services we provide, please visit us online at UAB.edu/success.

Once again – welcome to the UAB family!


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The Office of Career Services is excited to announce the new “Suit Up for Success” event this fall and need your help to ensure it is a success!  The Suit Up event is a special night of shopping at JCPenney exclusively for UAB students on Sunday, January 27th from 6:00-9:00 PM at the Riverchase Galleria.  The goal is to help students become “professional ready” with their wardrobe – which can mean for a job interview, a presentation to a class, a networking event, and many more occasions.  So, we want to target all students! 

The store will be closed to the public, but parents may accompany their student to assist with purchases if desired.  The event will include:

  •  A 40% discount on top of whatever the lowest sales price is at the time on all career related items (suits, shirts, ties, dress shoes, pants, blazers, dresses, intimates, etc.)
  • Giveaways, prizes and refreshments
  • The discount will include at least 50% of the clothing areas – however, students can purchase other items, such as jeans, if desired at the current price
  • Associates will be available to:  measure all male students and supply them with a card of their measurements , demonstrate appropriate interview makeup and hair styles from their beauty and salon areas, show how to tie a tie,  and much more
  • If desired/needed, transportation from the Hill Student Center to the Riverchase Galleria store will be provided by a UAB shuttle



That time of year has returned! With all the excitement of your student returning to school, students and family members may forget to renew the Parent/Guest Access. Parent/Guest Access is only valid for one academic year and has to be renewed by the student at the beginning of the school year. The University of Alabama at Birmingham understands how important it is for family members to “stay in the loop” with what’s going on while your student is in college, which is why the Parent/Guest Access is important.

Through the Parent/Guest Access, your student can grant up to five individuals access to their UAB records. This access will grant you permission to view what is considered Non-Directory Information. This information includes:

Student Life scr

  • Student’s ID Picture
  • Current Class Schedule
  • Courses Taken
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Final Semester Grades
  • View Current Charges (can also make payments towards student’s account)
  • View Estimated Charges for Upcoming Term
  • Financial Aid Awards

To renew Parent/Guest Access have your student log into uab.edu/blazernet and select the Links/Forms tab. Under the Links column, click Parent/Guest Authorization Agreement. The student will enter your email address then create your unique password to grant you access. If a family member wishes to have access to other records such as medical, certain disciplinary actions, etc., individual departments would need to be contacted by the student to determine if access can be granted.

Freshman Move-in Day is August 25! There will be hundreds of students moving in that day, so in order to make everything run as smoothly as possible, your student should have received an assigned time for move-in. Students should arrive for move-in during that specified time slot. There will be a move-in team ready to help you and your student through the process. Your student needs to make sure to bring their One-Card, as they will needed to check in and receive their key. Also, make sure that your student’s boxes and items are clearly marked with their name, residence hall, and room number.

Items included in the Residence Halls, incoming freshmen will be placed in double occupancy rooms, include twin XL beds with mattress, a closet, dressers and a desk (with built-in desk lamp) and a chair. If your student is assigned to the New Freshman Residence Hall, they will share a kitchen space with the other roommate. It is equipped with a sink, microwave, cabinets and a mini refrigerator. The bathrooms include a toilet and a shower with shower curtains and two shelves.

If your student is placed in Blazer Hall, the common space area/kitchen will be shared among four or six students. They will also have access to a sink, cabinets and a full size refrigerator. Blazer hall does not provide microwaves. The bathrooms are equipped with a toilet and a bathtub, shower curtain not included. All dorms have laundry rooms, with washing machines and dryers, where students can do six loads (three washer and three dryer) of laundry a week free of charge.

Items to bring:

- Twin XL sheet set

- Towels

- Bathroom rug

- Shower curtains and rings (Blazer)

- Toiletries

- Toilet paper and paper towels

- Garbage bin

- Laundry baskets and detergent

- Cleaning supplies

- Dishes and cutlery

With hundreds of students and family members converging onto campus, a Move-In Day map has been provided for your viewing in hopes of helping with the flow of traffic. Please enter the line from University Blvd. Students moving into Blazer Hall and Camp Hall will turn on 16th Street South while students moving into New Freshman Residence Hall will turn on 18th Street South. Volunteers will be standing by to assist with unloading items from the vehicle before proceeding to the 16th Street South Parking Deck. To ensure traffic continues to move vehicles will not be allowed to park in front of the residence halls. In efforts to reduce intersections from be blocked, please enter the line from University Blvd and not side streets.  


Move In Day Map