dss staff winners

UAB Disability Support Services (DSS) named this year’s winners of the Spring 2018 Faculty Awards. In this annual event, two faculty members are selected by students and through a vetting process of the professional staff in DSS. This year’s honorees are Mickie Powell (Ph.D.) and Robin Lorenz (M.D., Ph.D.).

Powell won the DSS Outstanding Recognition Award. She is a faculty member in the Biology Department and maintains a love and passion for her field by displaying a commitment to accommodating students with disabilities.

DSS testing coordinator, Allie Reeves said, “Dr. Powell has made my job as the testing coordinator a lot easier. She delivers her exams to me ahead of time; she is willing to answer any questions I may have or her students have. Our students have such positive things to say about Dr. Powell and it is evident that she wants to create an accessible and positive environment to all of her students.”

Lorenz won the DSS Outstanding Faculty Award, and the Director of the UAB Medical Scientist (M.D.-Ph.D.) Training Program. She is very forthcoming in making sure her students who receive disability support are accommodated and supported effectively.

A DSS student had this to say about Lorenz, “She helped me see how my disability can strengthen my future as a physician scientist, and she has spent countless hours working with me to devise both plans and back-up plans to maximize my success. Rather than limiting what I can do, Dr. Lorenz has always allowed the ultimate choice of pathway to be mine, simply opening up new doors and providing support for each option.” The student also commented on Lorenz’s mentorship, “I cannot envision more nurturing, empowering mentorship than hers. Navigating a dual degree program is tough, especially with a disability – and I have no doubt that it has only been possible for me at UAB with the support of Dr. Lorenz.”

The office of DSS selects faculty members to honor after each spring semester. The winners are selected or nominated by students who have had these educators in class and feel they have made accommodations to meet the needs of their students.