Wellness Promotion is back again with their award-winning Silent Disco event, and it promises to keep you on your feet!

We’ve all been to a conventional dance party, but the Silent Disco brings a fun and exciting new vibe to the dance party scene. Students will wear headphones that will play a variety of hits, all mixed by three live DJs. Not feeling the song playing in the current mix? No problem! Just switch to another DJ’s mix and keep dancing the night away!

This event will be held on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. in Blazer RLC. While a good time is surely on the menu at the Silent Disco, this is also a party with a purpose. During this event, students will learn about safer uses of alcohol all while enjoying a night of music, lights and fun with friends. 

The Silent Disco will prove that you can be sober and still have fun!

For information or accommodations, contact Mandy Parente at mparente@uab.edu or 205-996-0834.