By Macey-Marie Hobson


UAB students are staying busy this summer! 

Even when University of Alabama at Birmingham students are off campus and their plans are changed, they stay productive and proactive. Whether in their online classes, remote internships or personal hobbies, these UAB students are not letting this time of self-isolation slow them down. 



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Elijah Walls “The Go-Getter”

Hometown- St. Francisville, La.

Major- Neuroscience; Master of Science in Multidisciplinary Biomedical Science Accelerated Master’s Program

Walls is a rising senior at UAB. He found himself moving around while growing up living in states such as Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Texas. During his time at UAB, Walls has served as a resident assistant in freshman residence halls and just signed up for his third year working in the new hall on campus. He is the president of Serve 205, a student-led organization out of Student Involvement & Leadership. One of his personal hobbies is singing in UAB’s premiere a cappella group, Beyond Measures. 


 “I knew I could use a break from my crazy day-to-day work and school life and I thought why not,” Walls said. 

Since joining the group, he has competed in The Varsity Vocals International Championship of Collegiate a cappella (ICCA), the same competition featured on the blockbuster movie “Pitch Perfect.” Walls is in the process of applying to medical school for the current admission cycle. He hopes this time next year he will be getting ready to start medical school in hopes of becoming a physician. 



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Benignie Dorsainvil “The Multitasker”

Hometown- Tampa, Fla. 

Major- Biomedical Science and Public Health

Minor- Chemistry and Art Studio 


Dorsainvil is a rising senior at UAB. She serves as the School of Health Professions senator in the Undergraduate Student Government Association, a member of Blazer Spirit Council and president of the Trio Student Advisory Council. She is taking summer classes, working and peacefully protesting to create change in the #BlackLivesMatter movement with Alabama Rally Against Injustice. Dorsainvil is tutoring virtually for social sciences and biomedical sciences. 


“Since I’m working virtually right now because COVID-19, I am able to manage my time better,” she said. 

Dorsainvil is taking 18 credit hours this summer. She is successful with her busy workload by creating block schedules on what she will tackle each hour throughout the day. 

“Everything I am involved in has meaning,” Dorsainvil said, “and that motivates me to keep going.” 



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Helen Zhou “The Problem-Solver”

Hometown- Birmingham, Ala. 

Major- Economics 

Minor- Math and International Business


Zhou is a rising junior at UAB. She is a second-year UAB Ambassador and serves as the vice president of education. Zhou is part of the UAB International Mentor Program and is looking forward to connecting this summer via Zoom through events, such as Netflix parties as they get to know one another. Zhou has been fortunate to intern this summer with the Tennessee Valley Authority remotely. 

“I was originally going to move to Tennessee for the summer for my internship in Chattanooga,” Zhou said. “But thankfully they were able to change everything to an online format so that I would still be able to intern.” 

Zhou works with a mentor and an economics forecasting team to accomplish her daily tasks. During her free time, she has made it a point to learn how to solve a rubix cube and achieved her goal for the first-time during quarantine. 





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