RS13716 campus summer 2015 10rt scrIn community with students recovering from addictive disorders and their allies, the UAB Collegiate Recovery Community promotes and advances personal, academic, and professional achievement in pursuit of long-term recovery, health and wellbeing, and productive engagement in society.

College students who have embraced long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs need support from each other and from their university communities to excel academically while staying healthy.

There are currently 135 collegiate recovery programs in the country supporting these students.

UAB now joins the collegiate recovery family, with a program that will offer students in long-term recovery:

- Safe space for peer-to-peer support and accountability
- Social support and mentoring
- Guidance towards academic self-efficacy
- Service and leadership opportunities

The community meets every Tuesday from noon until 1 p.m. at the Student Health & Wellness Center. Their last meeting of the semester will be April 26. The community is free and is open to all UAB students. The goal is to support students in recovery who have made a commitment to abstain from any type of addictive behavior.

Spring 2016 Meeting Schedule

For more information about the Collegiate Recovery Community at UAB contact or call 205-934-5816. You can also find more information online at