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PHOTO  BY AMY LAWHON/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERThe Campus Recreation Center offers a variety of exercise equipment as well as personal training and free, weekly group exercise classes.

Local places where one can stay healthy

Julianna Moreno
CityLifestyle Reporter

.According to the State of Obesity, Alabama is the 5th highest adult obesity ranking in the nation. However, there are many measures one can take in order to stay healthy.Sprout and Pour, a cafe on 1st Ave N, provides healthy cold pressed juices, smoothies, lattes and food. 

 “We are the only cold pressed juicery in all of Birmingham,” said Ben Vaughn, owner of Sprout and Pour. “We do juice cleanses, smoothies and we will have an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.” The lunch and dinner menu has a base of brown rice, white rice or greens. It can be topped with tuna, salmon, crab or tofu. Vaughn, said their most popular item is the Cashew King smoothie.  Vaughn said the restaurant’s goal is to create healthier options for their customers.  “It’s not about a fad, a diet or a trend,” Vaughn said. “It’s about the sustainability of your eating habits.” Sprout and Pour has a new juice program where customers can gain a free juice for every eighth juice they purchase. 

Brianna Lee, coordinator of fitness and wellness at the Campus Recreation Center, oversees the personal training, Ufit and F45 programs. “With our Ufit Program we offer over 40 classes a week with different instructors,” Lee said. “We have everything from barre to zumba to cardio strength. Those are free for students and members.” F45 is 45 minutes of working out with different instructors that are also personal trainers. “Monday, Wednesday and Friday is cardio based and Tuesday and Thursday is strength based,” Lee said. “Saturday is a combination of the two.” Lee said the F45 program is a technology based workout that is different every day. You can get a limited pass for the semester. “At the end of the semester we have what is called semester playoffs which is a ten minute all out workout where you can see your progression,” Lee said.  Lee said their personal trainers are very inexpensive compared to other gyms.  “We charge $30 for a one hour session, and if you buy larger packets its cheaper,” Lee said. “If you go to any local gym you’re paying at least $50, if not more, for a 30 minute session.” Lee said they are about to start group training for four to six people who want to train with a personal trainer at the same time.  “It is anticipated that in the future we will start doing plank competitions where anyone can come compete whenever they want and we will keep an ongoing leaderboard,” Lee said. “It will be a fun way to let people challenge themselves and stay motivated in the gym.”  Lee said if you are just starting to exercise, base it around what your interests are.  “Our Ufit is one of the best places to start because you can just grab a friend and go together at the scheduled times,” Lee said. “You also have a trained professional keeping an eye on you so you aren’t doing it alone. Yes, it does take extra time in your day, but you are going to feel so much better after you do it.”  One thing they just added is their fitness attendants who are now trained on how to use the machines, so you can ask for a tutorial on how to use the machines.  Lee said the Rec Center’s goal is to focus on wellbeing as a whole.  Lee said Rec Center provides massages that try to help students feel relaxed  Forma Arts + Wellness offers studio space for arts and wellness instructors to hold classes or private lessons for dance, yoga, meditation and massages.

“In addition to basics like yoga, we offer a ton of unique classes such as hoops, urban latin, floor barre and more,” said Whitney Renfroe, owner of Forma Arts + Wellness Renfroe said keeping up a physical side is an extremely important component of a healthy lifestyle. “Get up and move your body every single day,” Renfroe said. “I’m not saying run 10 miles or spend hours at the gym every single day, just move once a day, somehow, some way!” Other than physical health, Renfroe said your mental health is very important. Forma Arts + Wellness hosts meditation classes to engage in mental health. Renfroe said Forma Arts + Wellness is always looking for new people to participate in their classes. Forma Arts + Wellness is located on 1820 3rd Ave N.

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