Parking prices take a turn



Student parking pass prices increase for the 2018- 2019 academic year

Jordan Smith
Staff Reporter

Starting in the fall, students will pay higher parking pass prices. The new parking options allow zone-based parking making it easier and quicker for students to find parking spaces. Andre Davis, Director of Parking and Transportation Services, said UAB has implemented a five-year plan to guide the future of parking for students.

 “The parking and transportation study found that UAB has a slight surplus of parking, however, available parking and the Blazer Express are underutilized,” Davis said. “We are focusing on publicizing, through social media, the many different transportation options our campus community can use to get to, from and around campus.” The five-year plan was developed following a comprehensive parking and transportation study conducted by Kimley-Horn, a premier planning and design engineering consulting firm, Davis said. 

“I would rather get UAB parking tickets than pay for a decal I can’t use due to lack of parking available,” said Jaden Boyd, junior in biomedical science. “I did not buy another parking pass due to wasting my money sophomore year.”  

Davis said the price increase is meant to help toward the implementation of new parking, which includes new parking decks. “Parking permit cost increases will help fund the many improvements UAB are making that were identified as significant campus needs by the comprehensive parking and transportation study,” Davis said. 

Miranda Weems, junior in nursing, said the price increase is not justified. “Parking is not worth the prices that they are asking for,” Weems said. “Most students cannot afford tuition and fees yet alone a $300 parking pass.” 

Some students are dissatisfied with the university’s parking system, because they could not find parking spaces, said Nadia Harden, senior in theater. “UAB increases the parking pass, eliminates the parking spaces and more people come each year with limited spaces,” Harden said. “I bought a parking pass the first year I lived off-campus and was only able to use it three times because there were no parking spaces left by the time I arrived on campus.” 

The increase in social media presence will keep students up-to-date in parking and traffic, Davis said.

Following UAB on social media platforms will leave inform about the new parking zones and plan.

“Pricing options encourage students to take use of UAB’s Express Parking lots and transit system,” Davis said. “Even after increasing pricing for some parking options, we remain one of the lower cost options compared to peer universities.”  Davis said he encourages positive attitudes and to take the new plan into consideration.  “Our goal is to make sure everyone has a place to park on campus,” Davis said. “Now students can choose a zone that best fits their needs, and it will cut down on the time spent searching for a parking space.”

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