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Don’t Pass on Parking

Emma Owen
Blazernews Editor 


Schedule classes? Check. Bought books? Check. Order parking pass? Not yet. Well, contrary to popular belief, purchasing parking passes can be checked off your fall semester to-do list. 


André Davis, Director of Transportation, said that while some students thought parking passes were sold out for the year, there is a surplus of passes left.


“I think there has been a miscommunication,” Davis said. “No student has been denied an opportunity to purchase a parking permit. We identified a group of housing students who missed the opportunity for a housing parking assignment.”


Davis said that these students were placed on a waitlist and are now able to purchase a parking permit. 


“While some zones are sold out, we still have parking permits available for students to purchase,” Davis said. “Commuter student parking permits are still available. While parking may not be in convenient walking distance of one’s destination, parking is available to those who utilize perimeter parking and Blazer Express.”


As far as UAB’s future parking options are concerned, Davis said that students should be on the lookout for positive changes.


“We encourage all to be patient, as things will settle down after the first two weeks of the semester,” Davis said. “We have additional parking lots opening in the next 30 days, which will offer more opportunities for students.”


To better understand UAB’s parking needs, the university commissioned a study conducted by a premier planning and design engineering consulting firm.


“Based on [the study], as well as input from UAB faculty, staff and students, UAB developed a plan to guide the future of [parking],” Davis said. “The study found that UAB has a slight surplus of parking, however, available parking and the Blazer Express are underutilized in a landlocked urban campus”


Erika Cork, junior neuroscience major, said she appreciates UAB’s efforts to make the trip from the commuter lot to class more bearable.


“The buses run every ten minutes,” Cork said. “They have extra buses if one breaks down, and there are no safety concerns with them.”


Cork said she is fond of UAB preparing for their growing student body by adding additional parking lots. 


“If [UAB] is going to build additional classrooms and dorms, that is great, as long as the university provides additional parking,” Cork said. “UAB needs to have the spaces available for their students.”


Cork said that had UAB really run out of parking passes, she would have felt uneasy heading into the new semester.


“The only places I have parked are the in the decks or UAB lots,” Cork said. “I have never had to park anywhere else and honestly have no idea what I would do.”


Haley Mancarella, a freshman in biology, said she feels unsettled knowing she will have to use the commuter lot.


“I think it’s nice that [UAB] has a bus system,” Mancarella said. “However, I think it would be dangerous to have to sit and wait for a bus. If it was late at night, and I had to go from the commuter lot to my dorm, I wouldn’t feel safe.”


Mancarella said that while she is disappointed in having to park in a commuter lot, she is relieved to know that UAB does have available parking passes.


“If UAB were to run out of spaces, I would have to leave my car at my house and walk everywhere,” Mancarella said. “That would have been very inconveniencing.”


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