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Allison Brown
Senior Staff Reporter


UAB offers 348 student organizations. With so much to choose from, getting involved can be overwhelming. Here’s a few interesting clubs that anyone can join.



Active Minds Club       thumbnail Active Minds photo

Juhee Agrawal, President of Active Minds club said the club focuses on mental health awareness, and their goal is to change people’s perspective on mental health issues.


“Mental health issues affect one in four college students and one in five Americans,” Agrawal said. “So, it’s something that’s really prevalent but something that’s not talked about in the same way as physical health. It’s often hidden, there’s a lot of shame around it.”


The club has panel discussions as well as interactive events for their members.


“For our members, we don’t have entrance requirements,” Agrawal said. “Anyone can join, and they can participate as little or as much as they would like. [To get involved,] the best thing to do is to message our Engage page.”



Pokémon Fan Club

Matthew Kuhl, club president of The Pokémon Fan Club at UAB, said it is an organization for students who enjoy the Pokémon franchise.


“We are currently 139 members strong,” Kuhl said. “Not every student is interested in Pokémon, but to the many who are, we have offered a welcoming, no-pressure community for over four years.”


The Pokémon Fan Club offers two events every week, Pokémon anime nights and a Pokémon gaming meet-up.


“During Pokémon Anime Nights we get together and watch a couple episodes of the Pokémon anime, or occasionally one of the movies,” Kuhl said. “This year, Pokémon Anime Nights will take place Thursdays, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Our other weekly event is the Pokémon Gaming Meet-Up, which features the many forms of Pokémon games. These events are scheduled this semester for Saturdays, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.”


To get involved, message their Engage page.

“Hope to catch you there!” Kuhl said.



UAB Table Tennis Club       ping pong


Qays Aljabi, President of the Club, said their goal is to have fun and improve their ping pong skills.


“Our main goal for the next two semesters is to have a huge UAB hosted tournament,” Aljabi said. “[this would be] for all UAB students to attend with scholarship prizes and things like that.”


Secretary Ashley Frith said, “We do little mini-tournaments throughout the whole semester, and the goal is to compete in a state-wide or regional championship with different colleges.”


The club plans on having meetings once a week this semester.


Vice president Wesam Nasser said, “The best way to contact us is to go to our page on engage or contact our secretary through email. No experience is needed, just come and have fun.”


To get involved, contact Ashley Frith at or visit UAB Table Tennis on Engage.



Astronomy Club


Kamron Kopecky, secretary of Astronomy Club, said the club’s purpose is to bring people with interests in space topics together.


“We mainly do star-gazing nights, which are bi-weekly,” Kopecky said. “We just bring a couple telescopes out and we like to bring food if we can. Then about once a month we meet up and discuss topics related to space. That can be anything from a film like Interstellar to information about upcoming launches.”


Kopecky said star-gazing nights typically have around forty people in attendance.


“Some of our officers are actually graduating this semester,” Kopecky said. “So we’re looking forward to next semester and next year, having new students come in and become officers,”


To get involved, contact Zach Bailey, president, at or Kamron Kopecky, secretary, at



Photography Club       Photography club photo

The UAB Photography club has been active for less than a year, according to Amy Lawhon, president of the club.


“We just bring photographers together in the UAB community,” Lawhon said. “The club offers two different monthly events.”


“We have meetings every month,” Lawhon said, “where we either learn lessons or have guest speakers, [and] just try to build ideas off each other. We also have photo meet-ups, which are separate from meetings, where we actually go somewhere and take pictures. We try to use a different skill, like focusing on portraits, indoor photography or flash photography.”


If you’re interested, Lawhon said to check out their Instagram page, and to get involved, find The Photography Club on Engage or email



Martial Arts Club


According to Daniel (Shane) Layton, president, the club aims to provide martial arts training.


“The purpose of the club is to give students interested in Japanese martial arts a place to experience the martial art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu,” Layton said.


Another goal for the Martial Arts Club is to teach self-defense.


“Our emphasis is on giving our students the ability to avoid potentially dangerous situations,” Layton said. “At the same time, [we equip] them to defend themselves and their loved ones if necessary.”


The club meets at the Mini Park most Saturdays at 9 a.m.


“We are open to all students,” Layton said. “No martial arts experience is required. We do not charge club dues, and a uniform is not required initially.”


To join the club, email or you can join their training in Mini Park Saturday between 9 and 11 a.m.



To find more clubs and organizations, visit


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