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Splashing into the fall semester

 Largest water balloon fight in the South East returns


Emma Owen
Blazer News Editor


For the past six years, the UAB National Alumni Society has filled the green with thousands of water balloons to create the largest water balloon fight in the southeast.

Mac Inrgam, Alumni Society Assistant Director of Student Relations, said he hopes for Blazer Splash to become a long-running tradition.


“We are all about having some fun,” Ingram said. “We’re here as the UAB Student Alumni Society trying to plug people in and get people involved while they’re on campus.”


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Ingram said he has enjoyed organizing and experiencing this annual event that encourages student involvement.


“We have grown from 5,000 to 20,000 water balloons,” Ingram said. “[Our hope] is that when [students graduate] they’ll want to come back and be involved.”


Ingram said that The Alumni Society prepared for both before the water balloon fight and after to ensure the green stays in its pristine condition.


“We use biodegradable balloons,” Ingram said. “That’s really our only mess we createWe work with the maintenance team and they come through and bring out sweepers to literally pick up all of the [balloon remnants] that we miss.”


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Mac Howley, senior in international marketing, said why he thinks Blazer Splash is an event you don’t want to miss.


“This is my favorite back-to-school event,” Howley said. “We spent a lot of time [filling] up the water balloons and making friendships.It’s going to be super exciting.”


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Howley said he enjoys cooling off while also encouraging unity among the student body.


“I want people to make friends,” Howley said. “I want people to meet new peopleI want this to be a more known thing, because this is a super fun way for everybody to get together in the middle of campus.”


As far as strategy is concerned, Howley said he has a game-plan going into Blazer Splash.


“I’m like if a spider monkey and a golden retriever were one animal.” Howley said. “I just run around and hope not to get hit and do some matrix stuff.”


Tommy Loring, senior in criminal justice, said he has a contrasting strategy.


“I’m going to sit in the back like a sniper.”


Loring said he appreciates this event because it combats the overwhelming beginning of a new semester.


“I’m looking forward to cooling off after being in the heat all day,” Loring said. “I’m hoping some students can get together and have a good time, [while] letting out some frustrations from the first couple of days of school.”

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