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Blazers Fill the Green with Pride

Students gather on campus for National Coming Out Day events


Emma Owen
Blazer News Editor


With LGBTQ History Month and National Coming Out Day occurring during the month of October, student organizations at UAB are holding events with hopes to create an inclusive atmosphere for the student body. 


Coming Out on the Green, hosted by the Social Justice Advocacy Council, is one of the many events hosted on campus centered toward highlighting National Coming Out Day. 


VishGunda, senior in Philosophy and Volunteer Coordinator with the Social Justice Advocacy Council, said Coming Out on the Green is filled with events that promote unity within the student body.


We had a sticky-notes where you can take one and leave one,” Gunda said.You just take a sticky note that has a positive message written on it and you can leave one for someone else. It’s [to] spread encouragement and positivity and let people on campus know that we’re all here for eachother.


While Coming Out on the Green is filled with tables from student organizations and other businesses, Gunda said there is a bigger message to be learned from community events such as this one.


We are here for underrepresented groups on campus,” Gunda said.“It helps create that inclusive environment and family [feeling] at UAB, that’s what makes UAB so special. Every person has their place here on campus.


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Gunda said that events like this one help normalize the conversation of LGTBQ+ equality and mindfulness.


It’s a work in progress for everyone,” Gunda said.“But that’s okay as long as we’re open to learning.


Tatianya Ruffin, sophomore in biomedical engineering, said attending this event was a reminder of how inclusive and welcoming the UAB community is.


“Everyone was so welcoming at [Coming Out on the Green], Ruffin said. “The [Social Justice Advocacy Council] gives everyone a chance to be aware.


Ruffin said the Social Justice Advocacy Council initiated important conversations through this event, while doing so in a positive way.


They give you important information without making it awkward,” Ruffin said. “The [Social Justice Advocacy Council] is always out here doing something positive.”


After attending the Coming Out on the Green events, Ruffin said other students should feel comfortable and encouraged to attend as well. 


Come out to meet new people,” Ruffin said.“Its almost like a family out here. They treat you like you’re literally family.


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Jeremiah Richey, sophomore in foreign languages, said Coming Out on the Green promoted the inclusivity that the university consistently advocates for. 


“It’s a great way to make people feel included on campus, Richey said. “I feel like one UAB’s big qualities is diversity, and this is a great way to showcase that diversity on campus.


Richey said the environment surrounding Coming Out on the Green was one that allowed students to be themselves while also learning about the different resources available to LGBTQ+ students on UAB’s campus.


“Just show up,everyone is so supportive, Richey said. “This is just such a great environment to be in.


Beyond the month of October, there are additional events and resources on campus available to the LGBTQ+ community. Resources include Safe Zone Peer Educators that offer courses each semester surrounding LGTBQ+ issues, Campus Support Groups, LGBTQ Health and Wellness and more, all found at





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