Blazer Spirit or Blazer Spirits?
Find out which university buildings are most likely to be haunted

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Photos by Julie Mauldin/ Staff Photographer


5. University Boulevard Office Building/ 12th Street Parking Deck

The UBOB is home to the criminal justice department and a parking deckThe fourth floor of the UBOB is used by the criminal justice department but only those with card access can enter it lending to the mysterious nature of the building. Being in any parking deck at night is bound to make you feel uneasyMaybe the scariest thing about it is how much it costs to park there despite being one-third of a mile away from the residence halls.



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4. Express Lot 1

Express Lot 1 is located over half a mile away from the campus green. Late at night it looks almost abandoned and makes you feel like you’re not supposed to be there. In this case, an empty parking lot is nothing to be excited about.If you need to be on campus late at night, go ahead and find street parking before it’s too dark and the buses stop running to avoid the eerie emptiness of express lot 1.



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3. Third Floor of Sterne

The third floor of Sterne may or may not have vengeful spirits, but it is where the souls of UAB students go to die. The third floor is where you may go to cram in silence, but some say that when it gets too late, strange things start to happen. Is it the exhaustion or is it something else? Keep an eye out next time you have a late-night study session, you never know what you’ll see. The ghosts may even be willing to be your study partner for your big chemistry test.

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2. Denman Hall

Denman hall was built in 1973 and by all accounts is a generally uncomfortable place to be in. It’s old, cold and creepy. There is no way a building that has had that many people pass through isn’t at least a little bit haunted. Maybe the reason the cup in your room fell is because the air conditioning turned on, but it could be something else. Even the dorm rooms are dark and eerie and when you compare Denman to New Freshmen Residence Hall across the sidewalk. It’s no wonder it gives anyone the creeps.



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1. Humanities Building

There’s a good reason nobody likes the Humanities Building. No one has a good time getting in or out. The stairs are dark and creepy at night and day and the elevator barely functions. If you’ve ever seen Humanities at night, you know you don’t want to be in Humanities at night. It’s small building but also its looming shadow at night is enough to make you speed walk past it after a late-night study session in Sterne. Maybe the reason UAB hasn’t decided what to do with Humanities is because they don’t want to upset whatever gives us all the creeps every time we walk in.




Hannah Richey
Contributing Reporter




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