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The Phantom of UAB Green


If you’re on campus 

And feel a presence that’s unseen

Let me warn you of this story:

The Phantom of the UAB Green


The Phantom was once a student

Just like you and I

As he entered the green one fateful night

He wasn’t prepared to die…


That night’s details are murky

The story is unclear

What we do know is this:

He was buried alive right here


Yes, our treasured green on campus 

Is his final resting place

And if you look at the grass closely 

You can clearly see his face


Now this next challenge is strictly 

For the brave of heart:

Will you dare to walk the green

Alone and in the dark?


You’ll feel two hands grasp your ankles

With every step you take

They’re trying to pull you under

And prevent every move you make


As you lose control of your legs

And you’re slowly pulled to the ground

You’ll hear his heartbeat through the dirt 

And you’ll find that you can’t make a sound


The phantom finally has you

His hand over your mouth

You’ll grasp and claw and take one last breath

You’re pulled down as he shouts,



You buried me alive.

The time has come for revenge,

No time to say goodbyes.”


You’ll feel the dirt encompass you

And watch the sky disappear,

You’ll know you’ve reached the end

When darkness is all you see,

and a heartbeat is all you hear.


So, should you dare to walk alone 

On the green without the sun

On a dark, cold, misty night,

Just be prepared to RUN…



Chandler Champion





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