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Blazer Spots to Spark Romance

A guide to the best date locations on campus

Emma Owen
Blazer News Editor
Emma Owen


Looking for a relationship that will blaze on for the long haul? Believe it or not, there are plenty of date night ideas that are as close as campus.


Blazer Gameday Date

Are you or your significant other big Blazer fans? Do you prefer to eat nachos for dinner instead of real food? Do you enjoy getting high-fives from Blaze T. Dragon Himself? If you answered yes to any of those questions, attending one of the many athletic events on campus might be the perfect date night for you. Additional perks for this date night include free student tickets and a loud atmosphere. This is perfect for first dates, as any awkward silences will be covered up by cheers from the crowd.

Upcoming Sporting Events:
UAB football will face UTEP November 16
UAB Men’s Basketball will face Utah Valley on November 15


Movie Night

Do you have a laptop that can play movies and a comfy hammock for two? If so, grab some popcorn and head over to UAB’s Hammock Park for a sweet date night under the stars. For our friends that lack hammocks, another option is to lay out some blankets on the green and have your movie night there.

Movie recommendations for date night:
Thriller- Misery- This movie offers an intense and dramatic mood that will keep you and your date on the edge of your seat.
Horror- The Shining- A classic horror movie that might just be creepy enough to cause a second date.
Comedy- 21 Jump Street- With one-liners that could crack anyone up, this movie is perfect for easing first-date nerves.


Sporty Date Night 

For those that enjoy the more athletic side of life, UAB has plenty of date ideas for you and your significant other. From the tennis courts located behind Rast Hall, to a game of basketball or even rock climbing at the campus rec center, a friendly night of competition is just a short distance away. There are also plenty of sidewalks around campus that are perfect for a fun jog or riding bikes.

Other recommendations for sporty date night:
Throw the frisbee or toss a football on the green.
Go swimming together at the campus recreation center.
Do a couples skate at one of the rec’s roller skating nights.


Dinner with a view 

If you want to sit and get to know someone better, the balcony of the Hill Student Center at sunset is one of the prettiest places to do so. Snag your favorite dinner and enjoy a romantic evening filled with people watching and chit-chatting. 

Dinner recommendations:
Homemade spaghetti and salad- This meal shows that you cared enough to cook, without having to stay in the kitchen too long.
Soup from Panera- This filling meal is sure to keep you and your date cozy during the chilly autumn evening.
Milkshakes from the Den- If you and your date are looking to treat yourselves, a Den milkshake can be as sweet as a night with your significant other.


Artsy Date Night 

For our more artistic Blazers, taking a look around the exhibits at the AEIVA Building or heading across the street to catch a live performance at Hulsey might be more your speed. Whether it’s a theater performance, or concert, this date idea can be complete with a nice stroll around the backside of Hulsey where the autumn leaves are beginning to turn color and fall. 

Upcoming performances:
November 15 and 16 at the Alys Stephens Center, the UAB Opera will perform The Music Shop.
November 16 in the Hulsey Recital Hall, Saxophonist, John Perrine will perform. 


Studious Date Night

Being productive with someone you enjoy? Nothing beats that. Snag your favorite Starbucks order and head up to the balcony study space above Sterne if you enjoy people watching while studying. Other venues with a great atmosphere are the tables outside of University Hall and the balcony of the Collat School of Business. As UAB keeps stepping up their architecture game, we just keep getting better study date spots.

Other date study locations:
If the relationship is fairly new, a daytime study date in the Hill might work well, especially with the frequent buzz of students.
Another great location for a study date is outside the Starbucks at the Hill. There is always pleasant background music playing and plenty of space on the tables for books.




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